Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Random Giants notes, evaluations

Ok, finally the Hefty Lefty has been cut from the Giants. It is a shame because the Giants could have tried to incorporate him on QB sneaks during short yardage situations. But I guess Andre Woodson will take his place on the roster as a back up for Eli Manning.

I was reading an article on GIANTS.com under the fans take section, and it talked about the week 17 decision to play all of the starters. And that had me thinking that for the Giants to have success again, they must take risks. This includes bringing high pressure with the pass rush. But was it the best coaching move of all time? I think so because even in a loss it directly lead to them turning up the level of their play going into the playoffs. Tampa essentially took 2 weeks off to rest after clinching the mediocre NFC South title. This should show coaches, managers that you can ride momentum to a championship, also see the 2006 St. Louis Cardinals.

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