Monday, June 30, 2008

OL Depth

The Giants are tightly knit cohesive unit that finally lived up to their potential last year with their Super Bowl win. But thinking about it more and more everyday there is one thing that concerns me about the New York Giants.
The GMEN bolster an offensive line that blocks as a unit and they are arguably one of the best in the NFL. But what if one of those guys were injured? Speaking of Guy, Guy Whimper is the only Giants OL who they trust to play incase of injury. He can play Left Tackle or Right Tackle and he could fill in on the spot. He is inexperienced though, but with the Giants Super Bowl run you can tell Coach Coughlin is not afraid to play rookies or inexperienced veterans.
Outside of that though, I wonder if Snee, O'Hara or Seubert were injured, who would be able to take their spot and help the running game. Gray Reugamer has veteran experience and can play anywhere inside. But he is an older veteran who may not be able to play for long stretches at a time.
Although this is my one and only concer they still do have an offensive line that many other teams in the NFL would envy. Other franchises would also be jealous of the depth that the Giants have at every position. This really gives credit to Jerry Reese and also Ernie Acoursi before him.

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