Monday, July 28, 2008

Plaxico Burress needs to Practice

Adversity is what helped lead the Giants to a triumphant Super Bowl win over the previously undefeated New England Patriots. The 2007 version of the Giants had their leader, Defensive Captain as Michael Strahan on their roster. This year the Giants will look for leaders of the team, and frankly one of them should be Plaxico Burress.
Last year Plaxico played through injury and even without practicing he was still able to be Eli Manning's go to target while catching a team leading 12 Touchdowns in the regular season as well as the game winning Super Bowl touchdown. Burress probably does have a sore ankle but he should be practicing. Training Camp is a bonding experience for the players, or atleast it sure was during my High School football days. The other Giants probably resent that Plaxico does not have to go through Tom Coughlin's intense practices at SUNY Albany.
Plaxico needs to do more than sit on an exercise bike, but rather needs to be running routes and also learning any changes that may have been made the Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilbride's system. Burress should go out for the morning practice and then seek treatment on the ankle all afternoon. Even though Plaxico was Eli's best Wide Reciever, their connection could improve with more time on the practice field. During the season this relationship is not that easy to build up, because teams are focused on individuals match ups for the upcoming Sunday.
The point is Plax needs to step up like the leader he is and practice.

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